FiscalNote Raises $1.2 Million

As many of you could probably tell from my Facebook and Twitter feeds lately, the startup that I’d devoted 120% of my time to over the last several months recently announced some pretty big news: we raised our first major round of investment, $1.2 Million, from an awesome list of investors including Mark Cuban, New Enterprise Associates (NEA), and First Round Capital’s Dorm Room Fund! It really is an incredible feeling seeing the progress of our hard work over a long period of time. And now that the round has closed and the work really starts to ramp up, we’re more motivated than ever to take on the challenges of the next year or so.

I can’t even begin to list all the people who worked to make this happen, but obviously my awesome co-founders (Jonathan Chen and Gerald Yao) deserve a lion’s share of thanks for sticking their necks out and coming out to Silicon Valley this summer with me. A warm shout-out to our awesome team: Dev Shah, Dan Maglasang, Kareem Hashem, Earl Lee, Mary Horng, and John Mannes, our advisors Chris Lu and Y.S. Chi, our pre-seed investor and accelerator mentor Alireza Masrour, and our attorneys at WSGR Yokum Taku and Nisha Ramachandran.

We’re also super excited to welcome to the FiscalNote family: Mark Cuban, Jason Lutin, and Daniel Jauchen; Sheel Tyle, Jon Sakoda, and Patrick Chung over at NEA; and Taylor Francis and CeCe Cheng over at First Round’s Dorm Room Fund for being such great partners and believers in our company. We can’t wait to get started!

We’re going to be moving from Silicon Valley to Bethesda, MD (right outside of DC) and New York City and expanding out our team this month. As we grow the team (we’re hiring in the areas of Machine Learning and Legal Analysis!) and the company, I’ll keep everyone in the loop about our updates.

In closing, here are a couple press mentions (I know, shameless plug, but #sorrynotsorry). Looking forward to sharing some part of this journey with you!
The Washington Post
In the Capital
Silicon Valley Business Journal
Washington Business Journal

As always, I am always open to emails at, tweets at @timthwang, and Facebook messages at timthwang.


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