This was pretty fun – though I have to say it was a bit strange watching yourself. I don’t know how people do it on a regular basis.

As many of you could probably tell from my Facebook and Twitter feeds lately, the startup that I’d devoted 120% of my time to over the last several months recently announced some pretty big news: we raised our first major round of investment, $1.2 Million, from an awesome list of investors including Mark Cuban, New […]

I owe everyone an apology. For the last several weeks, I’ve dropped off the grid and stopped writing on this blog. Recently, I’ve been working on a new startup called FiscalNote and have literally been unable to do almost anything else. We have several things in the pipeline and hopefully I’ll be able to share […]

After three years as the President of the National Youth Association (NYA), I have decided that I will not be renewing my term for a fourth year and will be stepping down from my position as of June 1, 2013.  It has been an incredible journey since we founded the organization back in 2009. I have […]

An oft-cited statistic by the Kauffman Foundation states that over five years, almost all job creation in the United States is the result of companies that are less than five years old. Startups, they contend, are the future to job growth. But breaking down the data, we begin to see a large disparity among a […]

On Tuesday’s State of the Union, President Obama delivered a bold proposal: raise the federal minimum wage limit from $7.25 to $9. While both Republicans and Democrats seem to be lining up on their usual sides, there seems to be an untouched caveat to the entire debate: the impact on young Americans. Even the Obama […]

15 km from the border of Syria sits a spattering of squalid tents in the refugee camp of Zaatari, Jordan – home to almost 40,000 refugees displaced from their homes in Syria in the midst of the devastating Civil War between President Assad and rebel forces. Here you’ll find a large number of families, mostly […]